Are You:

My name is Chris Hagen, and I’m a Registered Social Worker in private practice. I work with women who are early in their careers, and who realize that they might be getting in their own way. If you’re asking, “Is it me?” then we should talk. Let’s sit down and figure this sucker out. You’ve got a happy life to live and it’s time to get on with it.

There are three types of problems I help people address:

These categories overlap all the time. If you start off with Gotta-Figure-It-Out Stuff and we discover that there is Mental Health or Trauma work to be done, we can shift into that work. Or maybe you have a diagnosis of Anxiety or Depression and we learn that there is underlying Trauma. We can address that together. And sometimes, Anxiety and Depression are the outcomes of underlying Gotta-Figure-It-Out Stuff.

However you describe your problems, I’m here to help. I have over a decade of experience in counselling individuals from all walks of life and with problems of all sorts. You won’t shock me, and I’ll never judge you.

What happens if you don’t “do the work” of therapy? Nothing. Or – worse than nothing – things can deteriorate further. My recommendation? Just book the appointment now so you can get started on your improved life. It’s waiting for you.

Still feeling reluctant?


Therapy is a series of conversations with someone who will hear you out, ask you questions, and likely challenge some of your thinking. In good therapy, you should be learning new skills and starting to see things differently. You don’t have to have a diagnosis of a mental health problem: you just need to have a desire to do things differently so you can be happier.